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Hi :) [Feb. 1st, 2005|07:56 am]
Wicked Stitches
Hi! My name is Katie and I live in Texas. I found this community by looking at missmcnally's (that actually might be spelled wrong, but I think you get the jist of it) profile. I love the things that she posts at the community collegeknit and I wanted to see if she was a member of any other knitting communities (yes, I am a stalker).

I've been knitting since November, so not very long. I've finished two scarfs and now I'm working on an afghan. I have limited skills, so I'm only doing easy things and trying to gather up the courage to move to harder projects. I have Stitch n Bitch Nation and love a lot of the things in there, but I get intimadated because I only have like 3 different sizes of needles and I'm on a tight budget.

I have to leave in a few minutes (I could go on & on, lol), but I just wanted to post a picture or two of the last scarf that I did. It's huge, even though I'm never really going to get to use it because I live in Texas. I used size 8 straight needles and just did a knit stitch for the whole thing. It's very simple, but it's my first real project (second scarf, but I did a bad job of picking out yarn on the first one and I don't like it at all) and I really do like it.

and a close up:

[User Picture]From: missmcnally
2005-02-01 03:28 pm (UTC)


oooh! pretty, nice neat stitches! I like :-)

(tell all your friends about this community....it would be nice to get it really rolling)

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From: radgirl
2005-02-05 06:13 am (UTC)

Re: ooioh!

Thank you!
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