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Wicked x Stitches

Stitch 1, Bitch 2

Wicked Stitches
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Wicked Stitches is a knitting community designed for those who love to stitch and bitch. Although we can't all gather in a cozy, comfy local yarn shop, we can still share designs, patterns, inspirations, and jib-jabberings about all things knit! This community is open to anyone and all knit-wits who share a passion for knitting, or for any beginners looking for advice.

Do-it-yourself art is a great way to create awesome and personalized accesories and fashion. A lot of people out there are going into buisness with their DIY creations, so come join and see what's brewin' in this DIY community.

Feel free to post pictures of your latest work, links to great knitting related sites, opinions on yarn & your local shops or ramblings about what's goin' on out there!

Long live the DIY revolution!